He asked, “What is Pain?”
The answer was pretty blunt:
“Pain is your teacher.”
“That’s not an answer,”
He said to his Master, who said,
“I’m not a preacher.
“But Master,” he said.
“When I was a boy, you said
To follow my heart.”
“And now I tell you
At this time, that you’ll only
Have it torn apart.
“Day in and day out,
If you choose to chase your heart
Chasing fantasies
“You shall find your heart
In fragments scattered across
The land and the sea.”
The boy pondered this
Scrutinizing every word
And after some time
He realized something,
And he sensed the despair that
Plagued his Master’s mind.
“You’ve been hurt, Master,”
He said, looking at the ground.
“I, too, feel your pain.”
His Master looked up.
And said to him, “My dear boy,
I shan’t love again.”
“But, why not, Master?”
“My boy, the heart is fragile.
I wish to be free.”
“But what has happened?”
“That’s of little importance.
‘Twas not meant to be.”
“Master, please explain.”
“Well, I’m shrouded in darkness.
Bathing in the flames.
“I’ve learnt my lesson
Give my heart up to darkness
And I’ll feel no pain.”
“My master, don’t run
Away from your pain and hurt,
That’s the coward’s route.
“You would run and hide
From your troubles and strife?
How low will you stoop?
“You should stand right up
And face your problems head on,
For you are still young.”
“But how, my dear boy?
I’ve been forsaken and lost.
I am not the one.
“She has love to give
But it’s not mine to receive.
So, what should I do?”
“You have not told her?”
He shook his head, “No.” “Well, then
Tell her ‘I love you.’”
“No. That will not do.”
“Then what will you do, Master?”
“I’ll just walk away.”
“I cannot take this!”
“Well, it is not your burden.
It is mine alone.
“But take heed, my boy.
Keep a tight lock on your heart.”
“But you will be alone!”
“You act like I care.”
“Then you truly are a fool!
And I, the Master.”
“I can’t tell her now.
By now they are in Heaven.
How can I chase after?”

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