Forged in the depths of the ocean
As a part of the circle of life
Is a jewel of immense versatility
That shines when it touches the light
Sometimes it brightens a necklace
When it’s in a collection
Or serves well on its own as an earring
It can be used in clothing
Adding flair to any outfit
Or in medicines to help the sick
It’s even a birthstone for some
It is often imitated
But its beauty when found in nature is undeniable
This jewel is a pearl
And the pearl I think of today is my great grandmother
Like her namesake
She has added flair to all of our lives
And many of our clothes
She has fed, nursed, and funded us
Brightening our days
With her love and dedication
To being a light in the world
Like her namesake
She may often be imitated
But her spirit and sincerity were a beauty unmatched
We love and miss you, Pearl
May you rest in perfect peace

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