He was the classic “cool guy” 
Athletic with unkempt hair
Dressed in all the right clothes
But always wearing them sloppily
Trying to kick the habit of a pack a day
And washing it down with scotch.
Despite his relative success
The monotony of life had gotten to him.
Day in and day out
Trying to make ends meet
He stared off into the horizon
Constantly living in the realm
Between fantasy and reality
Occupied with memories of her
Yearning to make up for lost time.
One day, he got a sign.
A glimmer of hope.
The opportunity of a lifetime:
She told him she’d be waiting “there.”
He raced toward it head-on.
He wanted to tell her everything
And ask what she’d been doing all this time.
Maybe they’d finally get a “happily ever after.”
But when he finally saw her again
Finally held her in his arms
The moment was taken from them.
He was once again left with the image
Of a rose in a puddle of rain.

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