She said she was tired of it all,
Tired of the pain and the hurt and the scars;
She’s stumbled and fallen, unable to get up,
Yet, when the world was against her, she never let up.
She kept fightin’, and fightin’ to get to her feet,
And realized she was worth more than her time in the sheets.
She was done; no more guys, no one needed to hurt her,
If they would be assholes, then f**k it, they don’t deserve her,
They made it seem like it was so tough to endure her,
Like she was a disease and somebody had to cure her,
What made it worse was that they completely destroyed the pure her,
And when they finally had enough they just ignored her, ignored her….
Well, she wasn’t about to let it get to her,
Life is too short and men wouldn’t get the best of her,
All they’d wanna talk about is different ways of sexin’ her,
And then they’d start vexin’ her, stressin’ her, testin’ her.
But, then, struck the epiphany, she realized she was missin’,
The few things better than the touchin’ and the kissin’,
Respect for herself and respect for her feelings,
‘Cause without them the whole thing’s a bad deal, really…
She realized she had control over everything.
Life was what you made of it, just manifest your destiny.
She thought, “Hold your head high, girl, never lose your energy,
‘Cause the single life is somethin’ that you should be relishing!
Let the boys that you play hate on you; jealousy.
Just move on by, you already reached a settlement.
He can’t have you, nor can he,
In fact, nowhere on the streets can you see a guy you need!”
So, baby girl, spread your wings,
And fly off toward your dreams,
Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause you’ve got a woman’s power and that’s all you need.

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