What is a man? What does it mean to become one?
Does it mean we forget from whence we’ve come?
Does it mean to gain strength or to gain wisdom?
Does it mean no more games, no more having fun?

To become a man is to finally gain
Something to lose, that can cause you pain
To sacrifice to further your aim
And to search for power to protect your claim

Whether it be your family, your friends, your love
Or even your ego, your pride, or your blood
When vulnerable you have become
Your manhood will have begun

What does it mean? Growing up, growing old?
Does mean you start telling, appose to being told?
Or, is it when you have something precious to hold?
Possibly a family to keep your heart from growing cold?

A man is a figure, having something to love
Not like a teenager, he has feelings divine from above..
A man has something to forever more to cherish
He will have a legacy that through his own flesh and blood
And over time his memory wont perish

A man is somebody with fully developed ideals
He is capable of anything
Distinguishing between childish fantasy and what’s real

A man is an emblem of faith.

Manhood isn’t a ranking, not a social standing
It’s about maturity, a worldly understanding
It’s about having the courage to leave a mark
That will last after you’ve faded into the dark

How do you define a man? Mentally? Physically? Maturity?
Does one have to take a wife? Make a life plan?
Must he save a life? Have a number one fan?
Step to authority? Save the majority?

A man is a boy when he can stand for his beliefs
A man is a boy who can accept his faults
A man is a boy who has found something to live for
A man is a boy who realizes there’s nothing he needs to prove

To be a man you must find your way, with help if it should come
You must back up your beliefs, with your fists if they need some
A man will help a stranger prostrated at his door
A man will protect someone until he lies on the floor

A man is not a state of being, but is a fight to simply be
To be more, to be adequate and beyond
For your family, for your friends and for you if no one else.
As a man you must fight, but not as savages do
Not with fists, or knives, or clubs, or bats for how simple that would be
You must fight to show concern and pretend to learn when taught to count to three
You must fight to be at games on time no matter how tired you are,
Because even if they lose the game, in the crowd there you are
As a man you must fight the urge to quit because it’s not your choice from the time you hear loving coo of your baby’s voice
And as a man you must choose your battles
Though when they choose you, you must still rise to the occasion.
And for some this is a revelation,
But for me it’s simply exaltation to the example of my explanation.
You see, it’s on a daily that my father shows me an example of what he never had:
A dad.

With overbearing masculinity and deep voices we declare our manhood,
but since when do high levels of testosterone make one a man
in our world the alpha male is the epitome of what man should be
and for that reason we have lost our way,
for man is more than ignorance and brawn
or might over mind
he is the foundation on which the world is made
by his hands families survive
and through his actions the mind of the youth are shaped.


We grow ripe with age, let life turn the page
we declare ourselves men because we’ve lived
but beyond the spectrum one can see
what it takes for a man to be
heartfelt and steadfast
hold ourselves above the fodder
within is held our core beliefs


Manhood is something you grow into
Not just a status, but a future that all males have should break through
Until that time we all are blind immature boys
Who aren’t able to keep their poise.
Steadily and Slowly, most will reach that point.
But sadly some may have fathers, who ended up being there just to disappoint.
Eventually males will understand
that without that guiding figure hand
the future of men will decline at a rate
that could possibly destroy that important trait.

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