(Note: This poem is one of my very first, written when I was in 7th grade, no lie.)

I am a son of the desert, of a civil war,
and of slaves marching back to their homelands
I am the beginning of a new age of equality and friendship
I am a cheetah, hunting its prey, silent and deadly
I am 5’4" of intensity, the kind that flows through a waterfall
With my chocolate brown skin and charcoal black hair
I am the President, walking with pride throughout the world
The land of wonderous liberty by God’s command
That is my symbol and where I stand
I am as strong and determined as the others in my family tree,
As determined as Harriet Tubman and as strong as Martin Luther King
I flow through the days of my life, for I am William Penn
I am the Tanzanite of the western desert
If you think you know me, guess again
For I am the gold that the Spanish found
I am the North Star, always loyal and faithful
And I am also a bull, charging with integrity and power

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