What’s wrong with the world?
Why is it that in this life
As a young black male
Not even a black male, but a young male in general
That things are so messed up?

Nowadays, you can’t engage a woman conversationally
It has to be sexually
Or else you’re shunned socially
Scarred emotionally
Unstable mentally
So was it meant to be?
That you just smash and dash someone who could be meant for thee?

What’s wrong with the world?
When a boy can’t be a boy
And a girl can’t be a girl?
Sex changes, changing the unnatural
And wars with the races, religions, and homosexuals

What’s wrong with the world?
The world is crazy
Pedophiles online
And teens with babies
Nice guys who treat women properly
Lose out to assholes just because they’re cocky?

Good girls fall prey to the allure of the douchebag
Then wonder later on why the nice guys become bad
Become mad, internally sad
And wild out
This can’t be what it’s all about…

What’s wrong with the world?
Child abuse
Drug abuse
Sex abuse
Spouse abuse

High school trauma
Internet drama
Lives that will never be lived
Due to “almost” baby-mamas

People keep running; Obama
And if not then they’re always hiding; Osama
Thinking that they can escape karma
But it would never be an issue if you’d only done your dharma


Or nothing?

You decide.

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