Dark thoughts, causin’ pain to take your own away
Better than drugs, and you can savor it for days
Sadistic actions seem to have caused another case
Of some weird kid tryin’ to make his great escape
He’s picked on all the time and just tryin’ to get away
He fights his thoughts, for he has his own demons to slay
The bullies come and go, taunting and laugh in his face
“Hey, Jimmy, you’re a punk, a freakin’ disgrace!”
“I hate your guts, get away from me, I’ll catch somethin’!”
“What a weirdo, jeez, swear he’ll amount to nothin’…”
“I think he’s lookin’ at us….what, you startin’ somethin’?”
“Thought he was gettin’ mad, but he was only bluffin’!”
Well, he was gettin’ angry, his heart was beating fast
He turned his back on them, and high-tailed it, made a dash
If he had stayed there any longer, in a single flash
He would have broken some Commandments like a drinking glass….
For the first time it dawns on Jimmy and he contemplates
How his strength is his wrath and how his weapon is hate
It continues to boil within him, until the night becomes late
An eruption was conceived, unfolding like his fate
Looking into his eyes, one could see his changed demeanor
Slowly losing his soul, the shattered pieces of a dreamer
And as it consumed him, his reflection became clearer
Until he lashed out, and shattered his mother’s mirror
Like a child, from a fetus his wrath grew
Until it reached conception, in the form of his father’s .22
What would happen that night is something not even Jimmy knew
Just that it tore him at the seams but stuck to him like glue
He walked down the block to address three sixty four
Then he walked up and knocked on the door
As it opened he let off a shot – then a couple more
And when he opened his eyes, the bully’s little sister laid dead on the floor.
This is the Price of Wrath.

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