So much can change in a single year.
You can gain rights previously denied you;
You can gain status and climb the social ladder;
You can even meet someone that changes your life
for better or for worse.

You can gain lifelong friends,
or you can lose family you will miss forever.
You can remain questioning the heavens
as to the reasons behind such tragedy,
or you can pick yourself up from the ground
and continue to move on with your life.

Twelve months is a long time.
It is fifty-two weeks,
Three hundred and sixty-five days,
Eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours,
and five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
of your life.

In that amount of time, you can graduate high school
go off to college
and meet a plethora of personalities there.
You can get started on your career
or even figure out what you want to do in life.
Or you can live in the past.

In hindsight, many things have crossed my mind.
Some are good, some are bad,
some are happy, and some are extremely depressing.
They have ranged from excitement over college
to uneasiness over certain social and personal situations.
All in all, it has been an interesting time,
this past five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

So, where am I one year later?
Perhaps I’m lost in the world?
Honestly, I don’t know.
But I do know that no matter what
I have friends and family to laugh and cry with
To have fun and to support me.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss him.
I’d be a fool to say I was never affected by his passing.
And if I said I never cried, I’d just be heartless.
Many feelings remain in my heart that will never make it to poetry
but they will remain thoughts and emotions.

I do not know where I will be next year,
but I know that my loved ones will help me get there.
And so will you, Big Brother.
Rest in peace.

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