What does it mean to dream?
To envision your subconscious desires?
To embark upon journeys of fantastic proportions
Where not even the sky is the limit?
To think of a goal – however realistic – and how to achieve that goal?
Whether it is the former,
The second
Or the latter,
Can they not all be the same?
What if this dream
This goal
This journey
This subconscious desire
All amount to a single noun?
And what if your only obstacle is invisible to you
Like a demon in the night?
How do you overcome the unforeseen obstacle?
How do you defeat the invisible opponent?
If your dream is disturbed or stolen by this demon
How do you regain it?
Can you regain it?
Or are you forced to watch the ship sail off into the blissful horizon,
While you stand on the shore of self-pity?
I did not think so.
Now, go!
Chase your dreams!
Allow no one to stand in your way,
Not even God Himself.
At the end of the day,
Gain control of your destiny before He recalls you.

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