As I count the days
Until school begins again:
One haiku per day
To challenge myself
I have to write every day
Not just one or two
As the auburn sky
Transforms into its blue hue
My thoughts start to fly
My pen comes alive
My thoughts dwell on the future
Emotions transcribed
Thoughts of a scholar
Spirit of a warrior
A champion’s heart
The flames of passion
Indignation or fury?
What ignites the spark?
Martial arts, music
Technology and writing
These define my life
American son
Veins pumping African blood
Pitch black, but called “white”
As the sun rises
I bow my head to the Lord
Pray for the fallen
I pray for my kin
For protection in this life
This world is crazy
Eleven days in
The grains of sand are falling
As the time goes by
My mind is made up
Endless possibilities
I will touch the sky
The resolve to keep going
Against all the odds
After all this time
The trials and tribulations
Tested by the gods
New inspiration
Will I continue to soar?
The pen meets the pad
Remember words from
W.E.B. DuBois
Constant reminders
Of the fine line which I walk
Almost every day
And as my pen flies
Swiftly across my notepad
I begin to paint
Images emerge
Crafted by the words I write
Power of the pen

Pablo Picasso
Leonardo Da Vinci

As I join the ranks
Of the greatest of artists
Doing it my way
Singing songs of life
My pen, used for creation
Writing gives me strength
Singing songs of death
My pen, used for destruction
A deadly weapon
Singing songs of hope
A pen for inspiration
To “call the banners”
Singing songs of love
Songs of infatuation
And venomous bliss
And songs of anger
Songs of indignant passion
Of righteous fury
Singing songs of joy
My pen, used for happiness
Don’t forget to smile!
Singing songs of pain
The stories behind it, and 
Of recovery
All the songs I sing
The stories I often tell
For the sake of art
For self-reflection
To reexamine the soul
And to steel the heart
On this road called “Life”
Contemplating as I watch
The August Sunrise

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