It’s crazy how much time has passed
To think I was a Senior then and once again
I am a Senior staring at the sky
Clouds forming fantastic figures
Do I see your face?
That shit runs through my mind every day
I’m only one year away from the age that you were
When you were taken away

My mind races, I remember the day
It was a Saturday morning when I got the call
K-Doe sayin’, “Coop knocked his top off”
It didn’t make sense, how did this shit just pop off?
Suicide? Bullshit! Coop would never do it
And unless they’ve got the evidence I’ll die saying “Prove it!”
But little did I know that shit was grimy on the low
The crew noticed how my sun rays turned into winter snow
4 years later, my Frozen heart screaming “Let It Go”
Final thoughts upon your mind, we won’t ever get to know

The truth, the lies, it’s all a clusterfuck of blurred lines
When nothing matters anymore because you died
And we cried
We carried you and buried you
Saw your son, he resembles you
I only hope and pray that he remembers you
Somehow, some way, I know he’s too young
And we’ll never get to know him
But he’s 4 years old now, damn, he’s growing

The rain upon my window
Reflects the pain in my heart
The tears in my eyes
That I had that day
I know it’s selfish to say
That I have never been the same
Since death was associated with your name

Oh, Lord

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