How do you find the words 
To say “Good-bye" to someone you love? 
To say "Good-bye" to someone who has shaped your very being 
Someone who cared for you as an infant 
Disciplined you as a toddler 
Cared for you as a child 
Advised you as a preteen 
Motivated you as a teen 
And commended you as a young adult 
How do you say "Good-bye" as you watch them suffer 
Struggle to even breathe 
When you have seen them persevere through so much more? 
How do you say "Good-bye" 
To a paragon of courage, strength, and steadfast endurance? 
How do you tell your grandmother "Good-bye?" 
As I sit here contemplating the words 
I realize that we have been saying them all along 
Every visit to her house 
Every task she assigned 
Every conversation between us 
We exchanged gratitude, love, pride 
"Thank you” 
“I love you” 
“I’m proud of you” 
I’ve shown nothing but love 
A lot of words have been said 
But have I truly said "Good-bye?“ 
"Peace, be still” 
The Lord’s words to the sea 
Echo tonight for this woman’s resolve 
Good-bye, Mama 
May you rest in perfect peace 

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