(For NaPoWriMo, Day 3)

Dear Mr. West,

AKA “Mr. Fresh”
AKA “Mr. By Himself
He’s So Impressed”
Or Louis Vuitton Don
Yeezus or Pablo
After all these years
Following your
persona is difficult

I think your new
album is dope
And I’m not just
saying that
I think it’s much
better than Yeezus, in fact
Sure, you may rub
people the wrong way
But like you said
Everybody feel a way about K
but at
least y’all feel something

It’s strange watching
your career
All the highs and
From Dropout to 808s
and Throne
I noticed that as
time went on
Your family was gone
And you were Gil-Scott
Tryna find your way

When I first heard “Only
I thought you were at
That you finally came
to terms
With everything that
killed your sleep
You were back with
the swag
Sharp tongue and dope
And the public antics
That made us yell “Good

To think you went
from “Slow Jamz”
To now being a father
Do you play “New Day”
for your son
And “Only One” for
your daughter?
Do you play “Hey Mama”
Every time you go to sleep?
‘Cause diamonds are
And she’s with you
when you need

People don’t
Just what you mean to
the genre
That you were a
From your from your
raps to your aura
Sometimes we
reminisce over
A Tribe Called Quest
But we all rock out
To this guy called West

Stay blessed


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