I never knew a luh, luh, luh, a love like this
Gotta be something for me to write this
Signed, sealed, delivered – I hope you like it
I tell you every day ‘cause I can never fight it

Babygirl, your smile shines the brightest
Any darkness I’ve seen, you light it
You embody everything I think a wife is
But to use a single word don’t feel like the right fit

What you mean to me I can barely describe it
I could lay upon your lap forever in silence
I know you’ve had a past of trauma and violence
But together I want us to be happy and childish

Living out our dreams – passion and smiling
We could see the world – travel and dining!
Make People mag ’cause our fashion is stylish
And in bed it’s never boring ’cause we stay the wildest

You’ve got me in ecstasy, hit me like a drug
Two scholars united under Heaven above
You and me fit together like a leather black glove
With you I want to grow and develop this black love

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