Weight on my shoulders
Flashbacks to “the sunken place”
It must be April

Write for catharsis
Emptying my mind
Giving my thoughts life

Paint daily pictures
On the canvas of the mind
Worth one million words

Constantly searching
For the right words to express
Everything I feel

They keep slipping through
My fingers as I claw at them
Have I lost my thoughts?

Where will I find them?
Will this journey take me there?
When will I be free?

Will I find myself
Walking this yellow brick road?
Can The Wiz help me?

Or do I have to
Prove I can go the distance
And enter the ring?

I’ll dive in head first
And tackle what comes with this
I can’t be afraid

It will be painful
Old wounds will be reopened
I’ll count battle scars

The rest are flesh wounds
Walking the world like Ben Kei
Dying on my feet

Vivid memories
Looping day in and day out
That day still stands out

All of the phone calls
All of the tears that we shed
Running like his blood

Truth is a blessing
Cutting the wind like a blade
And it will prevail

The weight has lightened
Or truth has granted me strength
The pain is quiet

As I move forward
Continuing my journey
My spirit is healed

I start to wonder
What do I leave behind
As I become whole?

Am I a hero
Always self sacrificing
For the greater good?

Am I a villain
Sacrificing others for
My own selfish ends?

Well, no matter what
The saga continues on
For truth and knowledge

The battle rages
As I master new weapons
We shall overcome

Pain, suffering, death
Leaving a scar on our hearts
A void to be filled

A deep emptiness
One that can never be filled
An endless abyss

Seven years ago
Our lives were changed forever
Rest in perfect peace

Not a day goes by
That we don’t think about you
But the beat goes on.

Beat beat, beat beat beat
Our hearts beat as we ponder
All that could have been

But when we reflect
Our memories are happy
You brought us all joy

When we think about
The lost chain of memories
Of you with your son

We try not to dwell
Living in the past won’t help
It’s time to move on

Move forward. Always.
As I shed my final tears
My April showers

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