I don’t always remember my dreams
But I often remember my nightmares
As a child, demons and fictional characters gave me night terrors

I once got chased through the streets by Darth Vader
And my best friend from middle school
Transformed into the Hulk to send me flying across the playground
I don’t remember if we had beef or if I just beat him at Yu-Gi-Oh!
Which, admittedly, didn’t happen often
So I can understand why he’d be mad

Darkness has also consumed my nightmares
Spreading like wildfire
The paralyzing fear leaving me literally voiceless
Forcing me to wake up in cold sweats
Before remembering it was not real

But dreams were just as amazing
As the nightmares were terrifying
Dreams of flying like a superhero
Having the strength of Hercules
Of just being able to help people
And some random fantasies
That are staying between me and God

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