Mask on like Hollow, mask off like Kylo
My story’s an American tale, but I ain’t Fivel
I’m a little different, but if we get specific
I’m like Black Panther meets Mr. Terrific
Afro-American, in touch with my heritage
I’m first-generation, chieftain emeritus
Descended from the ruling class and the mercenaries
Scholars, entrepreneurs, and revolutionaries
I’m David and Goliath, Jesus and Pontius Pilate
I’m the five star general and the private
God as my witness, ready to get to business
Gotta keep sharp, both the wits and the fitness
Desperado, on the road to El Dorado
Equipped with the Book of Eli and El Chapo
Nah, not the man, but the blade on my back
Go Michonne on a sucka if they try to attack

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