What is love?
A word so powerful, mystical, and misunderstood that it drives people to virtue or vice in its name.
Is it a force of nature?
Can you witness it with fauna?
Some would say yes, pointing to the lioness protecting her cubs or birds feeding their chicks.

What is love?
A concept that encompasses multiple types of affection, passion, and fondness, measured against the syncopated beat beat beat of the heart.
The Bible says it is patient and kind; never boastful or proud; always trusting, protecting, and enduring.
A Japanese legend describes it as red strings connecting destined souls by their pinky fingers.

In my youth, I described it as a bridge.
Now, I, too, vibe with the strings.
Mine connect lovers by their hearts.
If you close your eyes, you’ll see them glowing brightly in the dark with a warm, pink aura.

It is part compass, part blanket, part sword.
It can guide, drive, comfort, and strengthen you.
It can also blind and scar you. So much power, to build or destroy, in this single word.
Yet, it is always worth the risk.

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