I’ve discarded more this past year than in the preceding twenty-eight, surrendering to the urge to defenestrate all impediments to my joy and happiness. 
In the process, I’ve reaffirmed what and whom I value and those who love, value, and respect me in turn.
This is not a cry for help nor sympathy but a public declaration of commitment to self-love.
By showing myself empathy, I intend to become the man I’ve always seen in myself.
I no longer wish to hold myself back out of fear of failure or judgment, but to persevere in spite of it all.
My loved ones have challenged me to find my voice as of late. 
I used to find that through writing, but I realize that has also been an escape.
In this space, I wish to use my voice with grace to articulate my thoughts and feelings and bring that back to my reality.
Forward, always, growing day by day.

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