Day in and day out, I constantly walk in the shadow of the walls of Jericho
Waiting patiently for them to fall, yet i do not blow my horn or shout
I walk about the halls of my school, which is finally emerging from the valley of the shadow of death.
The feeling is cold, like the other side of the pillow.
My heart is heavy, like the branches of a willow.
Thrust into the harsh world at Mach speed,
Surrounded by people who constantly mock me.
The candle surrounded by the ocean of darkness is dimly lit, and slowly losing its flame.
The calmness and control that govern my life are falling; the anger becomes harder to tame.
No matter what I do, there’s always something missing…
I feel out of place like Samurai Jack.
I’m the black sheep of the pack.
My life is a cipher, a code to be cracked
Too hard to distinguish the lies and the facts.
I am the tree that fell in the woods, with no one around to hear the sound.
What will be left when the tree hits the ground?

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