The legacy of a family of those born to lead,
Of the first child to be born overseas;
Or the first to be born in the states, at least.
The tension is building, like rising yeast.
A life lived mostly in the States,
Expected of him is something great.
Is it predetermined, his fate?
Will he come up short, will he be too late?
The straight-and-narrow is what he was taught
“Being black, if you cause trouble, you will be caught!
You’re already a target, stay on the right path,
Don’t act out and suffer an officer’s wrath.”
Heeding most of their words he’s tried to do right
Scorned by his brethren for his privileged life.
Picked on, shunned, disrespected in spite
His own people at times call him white.
But he holds his head high with a smile on his face
And says, “Your actions should not determine your race.”
This is what he has learned all these years
He’s basking in light and facing his fears.
He’s decided to sit back, to observe, to wait
He’ll make a name yet, but events must take place.

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