From Georgia to Dulles, then Brussels I flew
And several more hours ‘til I finally knew
That for the first time, I’d feel truly at home
In a country as sweet as honeycombs
Filled with family and friends
And people who’ve never been to the US
But many aspects of this trip
Have lead me to believe He has laid before me a test.
Squatters in my grandfather’s house, may his soul rest in peace
But they’re family members, cousins, aunties and babies…
Beggars roaming the streets, some missing limbs
And yet, they were former rebels, terrorizing citizens
I sit back each day and think “What else is going on?”
The culture shock rocked my world like that Micheal Jackson song
The final roots of innocence were burned from my mind
And I’m learning more about my home one step at a time
The sad thing is I never knew some of what I’ve seen
I have family in another house, cousins in their teens!
I’d never heard their names, or heard of them until that fateful day
And I thought, “I’m in the dark, and the Lord has not yet brought day”
The people are great, but some are shady
Some can be dangerous, others just crazy
Women look for a man of almost any age
In fact, some wanted me just the other day
Men have many girlfriends, I guess that didn’t change
People still envy, still tend to hate
The casualties of war have stretched the country’s limits thin
And the truths I shall uncover have yet to begin….

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