In a place where not even family can can be trusted
Where the chains that bond them have all but rusted
Where the streets are filled with good and bad
The rich get richer, the poor fight for rags
Education is a luxury not there for all
Selfishness is everywhere; I’m still appalled
Many things soon become clear
The once invisible start to appear
“This, too, is Liberia.”
In a place where my face is too well-known
Where both sides of my family own more than one home
And even in America, my first true home
Many things have I learnt that I’d never known
The amount of power both sides of my family had
The struggles between my Mom and Dad
The blood, sweat, and tears of my granddad
“This, too, is Liberia.”
My mother’s tribe explains her spark
My father’s tribe explains why I’m so dark
Prophecies each day I feel I’m fulfilling
While the cup of life just keeps on filling
While the pages in the book keep on turning
And all my past knowledge keeps on burning
There are new things I’m still learning
“This, too, is Liberia.”
And, yet, the place is still great to me
I’d love to return, it’s the place to be
It is my home, there’s a place for me
A role to play, a space for me
The jewel that was once the prize for all
Has been shattered and weathered by the storms of war
Piece by piece it can all be fixed
I’ll continue my trips and do my bit
And now that my innocence is all but a sore
I have much to discuss with my friends, and more
“This, too, is Liberia.”
“Long live Liberia, happy land!
A home of wondrous liberty by God’s command…”
We shall bring to justice those with blood on their hands
And restore the country, united we’ll stand
“…A home of wondrous liberty by God’s command…”
“This, too, is Liberia.”

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