What is Love?
Love is a bridge, connecting us
To the people in our hearts
Love is able to keep people together
No matter how far apart they may be physically
They are together emotionally, spiritually
Love is trust, commitment
Being faithful with whom you are intimate
Love is loyalty and strength
It is an umbrella to shield you from the rain
It is a fortress to defend you from the pain
It lets you live in the clouds as opposed to the flames
It wipes your tears so you can smile again
Love is ecstasy without the pill
Love is passion, the feelings are real
Love is a light in a sea of dark
Love is thinking with your heart
Is that a bad thing?
I don’t believe so, but I know some may disagree
It can empower and weaken at the same time
It can breed happiness and hatred within the same mind
It can slow down all the painful times
It can speed up all of your happy times
But, one must ask, is Love even worth it?
Is Love worth fighting for?
I say yes
For if not, then what is there, on Earth, to enjoy?

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