Springtime is calling
The flowers begin to bloom
The sun starts to rise
Daylight shines bright
Another day is dawning
A new page to write
The book of your life
Continues to be written
But will the ink run dry?
I look up in the sky
Countless, countless times I ask
What is the meaning?
People still debate
Over the true meaning of life
But no one yet knows
Is it to find out
The reason why we were born?
What is our purpose?
We live to serve, yes?
To serve our fellow man, and
To serve our Most High
Unless you don’t read
Scriptures or worship at all
But then whom do you serve?
A wise man once said,
“The present is a gift, and
I just want to be.”
So most won’t worry
About why they happen to
Exist in this world
They simply accept
The fact that they live at all
And keep moving on
The equinox calls
And the solstice has ended
But it will come again
And when that time comes
Each and every man will see
The sun as it sets.

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