How do you find the strength to smile,
When you’ve failed everyone around you?
You’ve failed your parents, your family, too
You’ve failed your friends, and you even failed YOU
You lied to yourself, and then failed again
Tried to use a glass of water to douse Hell’s flames
Insanity, the pain of the truth is a calamity
Examining, all of my actions and what’s happening
Family, keeping me strong and healty like an ointment
Strengthened resolve thanks to father’s disappointment
Friends keeping me balanced while I’m walking on that tight rope
If I fall again, it’s the gallows, so I might choke
Or it’s the spikes, bro, not very delightful
Lord, why is the world so spiteful?
I know I can endure the adversity
Except when I’M the one who’s hurting me
I’m not a masochist, just a young black male
Stumbling like Jack trying to fill that pail
But there’s no Jill, just a steep hill
My life’s on the line, hope I won’t be killed
Metaphorically; but for now I’ll chill
Because if all else fails, I’ll still have “will”.

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