If the Lord returned today, where would I go?
 I wish I could say, “Je sais… I know” 
But since nobody’s perfect, only perfectly flawed
 And life loves to throw uppercuts that shatter your jaw
 I’m apprehensive about the “known unknown” we call 
D-E-A-T-H, not ready at all 
I don’t mean to jump the gun, but we don’t know what’s out there 
The “final frontier”, is there peace out there? 
Eternal rest in a nest of love and light 
Or an eternal prison of darkness and infernal strife?

If the Lord returned today, would I be fulfilled?
 Would my destiny have manifested, how would that even feel? 
Would I spend eternity with my family and friends? 
Would I see Diz, Rock, and them? 
Would I see the Electric Eagles again? 
Would I see Jay, Mike, or Jem? 
Would I see Lindsey, Denise, or Jenn? 
Would I see my four Color Guard friends? 
Would I see Matt, Chris, or Dan? 
Would I see Shyam, anyone from Band? 
Would I see even my old friends? 
Would I see Keith, Moe-Dee and them? 
 wonder, who would I see in the end?

If the Lord returned today, and accepted me into His kingdom
 Would I finally give up these thoughts and finally attain freedom?
 Would the Morning Star return with perhaps another legion?
 Would Heaven and Hell collide in another war that changes the seasons? 
Oh, wait, if that happened, and Lucifer attacked again, 
Would he re-kill me or any of my friends? 
Would he corrupt anyone again?
 Would he seemingly succeed before the end? 
Since we all know he will never win, how far would he make it, if he even 
Had a way to return? 
Before the Lord strikes him down for good, and the heavens sing “Let him burn!”? 
If the Lord returned today, would I have the right to be scared? 
When I knew forever that one day in my life would carry Death’s scent through the air? 
The aroma is strong and distinct, foreign yet familiar, and draws ever nearer each day 
I pray that He would spare me, if the Lord returned today.

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