Insomnia, I can hardly sleep
From exercise to counting sheep
The Reaper is at work, combating my heart
The scythe swings and rips me apart
Ghosts of the past haunt me still
But I face them head-on, no drugs, no pills
I climb up the mountain with no rope, no rappel
If I slip up, well, hope I don’t reach Hell
What’s going on? What’s happening?
Why can I barely smile, why aren’t I laughing?
Why am I fighting the tears?
Why is it pain, and not strength, that lets me face my fears?
The road to Zion is paved with spikes
More blood is drawn with every fight
What happens when you lose the fire?
That burning passion, that desire?
Ghosts plague me, from friends to family
It’s like M. Night meets Stephen King
As the year comes to a close
As the world becomes more than just a globe
I wonder if I should take the road
To travel and search, to find my soul
Take the journey? Find what’s lost?
Ghosts plague me endlessly
From lost love to lost friends, to secrets in the family
I wonder if I’ll be the same, if in the end it’ll still be me?
I wonder if, in the end, I’ll still be… “B”?

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