I ruffle my brow; tend to walk with my head bowed
Thinking that adolescence was nothing but a letdown

You think you got me? Take walk in my Nikes
Guaranteed you won’t find someone quite like me

I might be Brandon, B-Baz to some
But tonight I seem to feel like I’m always on the run
Done, and life hasn’t even begun
But they tell me with all the strife that there’s still more to come

I’m looking for peace like Kid Cudi each “Day ‘N Night”
Life’s been a gamble, like a black kid baggin’ up white
Regular guy, feel like I’m in a bastard’s stripes
Heart is heavy, yet you can cut it with a plastic knife

Getting cold, Omarion, got an “Ice Box” in my chest
Tryin’ to fight it, the temptation to become the Heartless

Hard-pressed for smiles in a world so twisted
Looking for utopia just for the misfits
Here I stand, the world around is too vicious
Am I getting chewed up like Chiclets?

Forget the Ice Box, feel like my heart is black hole
Everything’s been consumed, lost the light in my soul

A dark cloud’s seemed to follow, it’s finally come to torture
This pitiful soul, ‘til it drives me to the border

Of insanity; oh, the vanity of my heart and mind
When I can’t seem to sleep at night, ce n’est pas la vie….

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