Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil
Life, liberty, property
Valor, the courage to continue fighting
Corrupt politicians and dictators foiled
Why do we fight? Do we fight for the world?
Do we fight for all of the boys and girls?
Or do we fight for money, for power, for respect?
Do we fight for freedom or fight to oppress?
Do we fight to keep other rivals in check?
Or do we fight to save people from horrible deaths?
First we fight for freedom
Against the weight of the oppressors
Second we fight for honor
The memories of those we’ve lost
Third we fight for corruption
For the money in our puppet master’s pockets
For the wars we fight make headlines across the globe
Most of them now to prevent nuclear weapons from being sold
But in the past it was to save from a communist fate
Or to fight against fascists with a Hitler hate;
And how can we forget fighting to keep a union preserved
Or the patriot’s struggle for the freedom they deserved
The wars we fight last a very long time
But they also cause the loss of many lives.

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