What is perfection?
A human being? A galaxy?
A simple star?
Having no flaws? Can we reach it at all?
Is it a crystal? Is it glass?
Is it a house, or the elite class?
Is it money, power, respect, loyalty?
Is it fear and knowing that no one will challenge thee?
What is perfection?
Perfection is an ideal
That can never be attained
Yet, our drive tells us that we can
We never seem to fail when we give it our all
So our hearts tell us that….we can
Perfection is a tormentor, it is filled with pain
Coldly reminding us of what we cannot attain
Immortality, immunity to disease, equality
True justice or everlasting morality
Love everlasting, or even happiness
Can never be complete, not fully
Why is this?
Why is it that one’s efforts are constantly in vain?
Even if we knew the answer to that, would it truly lessen the pain?

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