What is hip hop?
Is it the words in my mind?
Is the b-boys? Is it words that I rhyme?
Is it a pastime, of pimps and hustlers on the grind,
Runnin’ strips all day because money is time?
What is hip hop?
Is it feel of the mic?
Is it way the beat drops on open mic night?
Is it the kicks and the claps?
Is it the bass line?
Is it the way drums and melody seem to harmonize?
What is hip hop?
I say just open your eyes,
It’s been right under your nose, a crook in disguise.
Like a thief in the night, it’s come to steal the rhythm,
And left a message tellin’ all of us to shake the system!
So, tell me: What is hip hop to you?
Is it his dancing from the soul? Is it the way she moves?
Is it the lyrics of the artists, who either smart or cool
Challenge us like crazy and influence our moods?
What is hip hop?
Hip hop is like sex,
It’s too often abused, it’s truly become a mess,
Yes, it’s gotten brazen, reckless, too violent, man
No more talk of Brenda’s babies in the garbage can….
No more talk about “Changes”,
Instead it’s about dances and danger, bangers.
Now everybody’s gotta be a gangster,
So much pointless aggression and anger,
Ghetto mentalities breeding killers and rapists,
Who, both times, in the streets, yellin’, “B***h, take this!”
What is hip hop?
Is it bad, is it good?
It’s cliché, but it’s “from the ‘hood and misunderstood.”
I would, try bring it back, don’t know if I could,
But for it to return it should be good, music….
So, tell me, what is hip hop?

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