I remember back when I was younger I used to have a crew that
Always had my back whenever I was goin’ through that
Same stuff that everybody goes through, goes through
Now I can only talk, but back then I could show you
Used to have riders, people I could vibe with
Friends I could chill day and night all the time with
You can call me crazy, dwelling on the past
But back then was everything, I thought that it would last
When I moved away, I told ‘em I’d be right back
My man was sent away, and I could barely write back
Crew pushed me away, so my blood had my back
Until the day that I could finally take my life back
I don’t know what to say, I don’t even know where to start
But similes and metaphors can’t ease the pain in my heart
I wonder what’s going on, am I welcome or not?
Am I still B-Baz or “some bull we’d play ball with in the parking lot”?
I know I used to talk a lot,
but dreams came from thoughts and you all know I had a lot
I wasn’t tryin’ to sacrifice the times we had together
They had me feelin’ great even in the worst weather
I guess I’m tryin’ to say I’m confused
Nobody keeps in contact, I wonder what did I do?
I haven’t been the best kid, I’ll admit I’m a fool
But does that mean I have to lose all of you?
Please, someone, tell me what’s goin’ down?
If I came right now would y’all even want me around?
Or am I just trippin’, and readin’ too much into it
Whatever’s going on, my heart still has a dent in it

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