In a world of union, of trust and bonds
Where nature brings gifts of flowers and birdsong,
Where the clouds bring rains, snow, and hailstorms
Where the people express feelings in poems, fights, and psalms,
There exist forces that exert their control
Over everything, they rule the world
The elements are strong, and speak to the soul
Gather round, and listen, boys and girls
The heat of stars burn in hearts for days
In creative minds, the spark of ideas rage
Masterpieces, all of them spreading like flames
Fire is passion, hearts ablaze
A burning desire in all that you do
Feverish temperatures filling the room
Heat from your head to the soles of your shoes
Your will is strong, your fire is true
Do you see that the tears of your brethren are cold?
Are the rains of pain something you know?
The floods of emotion continue to grow
For you are Water, empathy, flow
Walk through the mist and you will see
If you bathe in the love and charity
That our waters soon calm, resiliency
And you’ve been baptized, born anew in the sea
Or perhaps you are sturdy like a mountain or slate
And strong, often shaking people like a quake
Staid, moving slowly like tectonic plates
If you are like Earth, please show your strength
The dust blows off and the rocks grow colder
But your strength is frozen in time like a boulder
You metamorphize as you get older
And the sediments of your life make you bolder
Or perhaps you ponder the gusts of despair
The pressure of the whirlwinds of pain blowing your hair
The destruction of the tornado of chaos at which you stare
If you love intellect and knowledge then you are Air
Even though your air can sometimes be coy
You express your views with a thundering voice
And while those who can’t understand the winds think it is noise
The storms of your knowledge make the scholars rejoice
Water, Earth, Fire, Air
Four forces present everywhere
Separate, they are, and yet they share
This world of ours, they don’t seem to tear it apart
Because they connect at the center, the core, the heart
Which is the final element and it remains sharp
For it has connected everything from the start….

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