Dear Brother, where are you, when I wake up in the morn?
I’ve called your name in sleep, and scrutinized the storms.
I hear your voice, I see your face, yet you I still don’t know.
I wonder silently at night, O Brother, where did you go?
My heart says you’re in Heaven, yet I sense you day by day
You’ve watched me as I’ve grown as if you never went away
When I’ve cried tears of pain or joy, and the skies have turned gray
I’ve felt your warming presence give me strength each passing day
Dear Brother, where are you? We never got to meet
I’ve only heard the stories, but your love I have yet to reap
Your footsteps light the path of dreams unfulfilled
And the path is all that’s left, for the life has been set still
Yet I must ask, day by day, if could ever see your face
I see you in my dreams and cannot wait to fall asleep
And even though I constantly begin counting sheep
I know deep down that you don’t even know my face
Dear Brother, where are you? I guess I’ll never know
I’ve spent my years with your passing mourning in the shadows
Of your fate; it’s like I’ve been hanged from the gallows
And everything ‘til now has been difficult to swallow
The thought that we will never meet is painful
And I think of you every time I see a rainbow
A halo from the Lord, and a ribbon in the sky
A symbol of my love for you that soars forever high
You don’t need to walk on water, you don’t need to fly
I’d just love to get the chance one day to hug you and smile.

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