What is Strength?
Is it physical? Is it mental?
Is it emotional? Is it spiritual?
What is Strength?
Is it the raw power that comes from the body?
The scattering shells emitted from a “shotty”?
Is it overcoming matter with only your brain?
Is it weathering the endless rains of pain?
Laughing at the storms and standing again?
While others may falter, still you remain?
Is it foolishness? Is it perseverance?
Is it diligence? Is it arrogance?
Is it courage or is it fear?
Is it joy or is it tears?
What is Strength?
Strength is the measure of all your trials
And tribulations in a mental vial
The situations that have driven you wild
The pain you’ve endured since you were a child
If through many a time you’ve lived in the dark
And pondered the choice to cast away your heart
Yet today you remain basked in light
And you constantly fight against the blight
This is Strength

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