Have you ever made a stupid mistake?
Have you ever wanted to disappear and escape?
Have you ever wished that you had a red cape?
That you could fly toward your dreams, fly away
To a place, a utopia, where nobody will torture ya
Pain can never screw up your yin and your yang
The darkness is yet approaching, I’m treading along the border, but
I’m always running backwards in time again
I don’t think it possible to rediscover my strength
A big voice in writing but pushover to friends
They wonder when will it end? They wonder when will he crack?
They wonder why’s he dwelling on the past, he’s turning his back
On the future, does he choose to, throw it all into the fire?
And swan dive off the State Building, the Empire?
The world’s grown cold; my heart’s permafrost
Absolute zero, so some of you need to hop off
Or maybe I just discovered I’ve been kiddin’ like Cudi
I’ve been stuck in the same spot but still I tire from running
The void remains empty, Heartless remain tempting
Rolling with the punches, you can call him Jack Dempsey
Has this all been but a trial to test me?
Infected with a heart which has done nothing but vex me?
But someone tell me, what’s love got to do with it?
I’ve been around the block a couple times and I’m through with it
So screw it, it’s back to looking out for number one
And if you think I’m bitter now, the darkness has just begun
Jimmy stopped writing and started to scrutinize the clouds
He noticed that they grew darker by the hour
He felt rather helpless, he lacked power
He wants to smack people and burn up flowers
He wants to tell the jocks that they were tools like the wheel
He wants to tell the girls the exact words that he feels
He tries to day by day, but like Mike it just fades away
He’s looking for a great escape but he’s stuck in a lake of pain
Bathing in his weakness, soaping with his emotions
He lotions with his frustrations and anger is the deodorant
He’s contemplating his past and ever bitter he’s growing
He ain’t happy and he knows it, just never shows it…
He wears the clothes to balance out the rage
But if you think he’s happy, don’t mess with the darkness in the cage

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