“Look, my boy, there she is again
The girl of your dreams whom you’ve liked since ten
Over the years your passion has grown stronger
And now you can offer her something, so get it in

She’s giving you looks, homie, don’t be chagrin
And if she doesn’t want it, then take it on the chin
But if you never try, then you can never win
So I don’t want to hear you cry again, my friend”


i know she sees me….
im scared to look up so i avert my gaze,
you see my love for her is a fatal attraction
been wanting for years but want turned to tears in the swealtering radiance of her beauty
but as i look through this crowd , i swear….
she sees me
her girls told me she likes me, but that can’t be true
my boys say i should just hit and be through
so tell me as i plead advice from my silent conscience
lust what should i do because i know…..
she sees me.

“Oh, ‘she sees me’, eh? Well here’s what you should do
Take her for a spin, make her your wild thing, dude
Don’t be a fool, she’s thinking the same thing
All’s fair in love and war, don’t play by her rules

She’s pretty, they all are, but is she really worth it?
After all, nobody in the world’s perfect
She’s got you ’round her finger, wondering if it works
But in the end, she’ll toss you, used tool, worthless”
yeah, maybe your right
i see how all the other guys stare, they have the right idea, they don’t really care
they use girls for what they crave and then they leave
they make a clean break like strap up nikes…. no strings attached
she doesn’t care, not like i do
and i endure all she puts me through but just because we’re friends
a favor between friends is a lie that never ends
i do it because i need you not because i want to
im done being your fool
take this as the resignation of a tool
“Yes, journey deeper into the dark abyss
Use the power of your masculinity to slay this chick
She’s not the one for you, just some fun, a quick fix
So leave her caught up in the mix, Twixx

Give her a taste of candy, then turn sour
Show her that you’re in control, you’ve got the power
Show her that you have the water for her flower
But you would rather let her wither up on this hour.”

[ Nick ]
yeah i see
i’ll suck her in with thoughts of we, though all i’ll mean is pleasure for me
i’ll build her up, but only to be rubbed down
false promises and lies flowing like water
these i’ll use to drown her untill she sinks….
deep into my and lascivious embrace
i’ll woo her with this decietful power until her tender love i deflower

“Yes, you’ve learned much, feel the darkness within
Let it consume you, and as a Heartless you’ll sin
Like a fish, you can draw her heart in
And when it’s all said and done, she’s back where darkness begins

Use her, lose her, simple as that
The long legs, pretty face, slim waist and the back
There’s no need to stick around, no need for a pact
Because she’s never been worth it, as a matter of fact.”

so i’ve done this deed and here we lay
another broad another day
thats the motto when your hearts a grotto filled with the sediment of loves denial
after this wild night i’ll take flight and live to slay another
she shared her heart while i hid mine behind the eyes of a scared lover
too afraid to claim another
“Coward, what happened to having the power?
To pouring acid upon this flower?
We’ve sown the seeds of death, you see
And now it is time for us to reap

But what you reap shall be tenfold
You’ve lost your ‘love’ and her heart of gold
You’ve steeled your heart and become bold
But can you withstand the coming cold?”

the fruits of love now spoil as i bear them
just as these words pierce while i share them
i lament for love unexplored and beg to have my pulse restored as i lay
lay dying in the cold embrace of lusts result
the death of love is just the start
because there can be no love with no heart


“So, you’ve learned much and discarded your humanity
And now, without your heart, there can be no insanity
But, you say you lament? How can it be?
Has this girl brought you calamity?

I laugh, I truly do, for you’ve had enough
You’ve had your fun, now your heart is crushed
She’s gone forever now, as are the lies and trust
I guess I forgot to mention thus…..

the price of lust…

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