Let’s peruse the eccentrics of cruel
And journey deeper into this denizen of fools
The story continues with the tale of the cool
The fly, the fresh, the young bull looking for tools

Jewels, to further contribute to his aura
Like solid gold or diamonds shining, spawning aurorasAlign Center
The birth- and gem-stones have a veneer, an allure
And he’s become a sucker, constantly wanting more

At the store, he tells ‘em just “throw it in the bag”
‘Cause deep down he only wants it ’cause they have it
Envy’s an addiction, something done out of habit
He knows someone has it and he proceeds to grab it

He does it out of practice, it’s wrong, but he loves it
Even though he’s “Christian” and told not to covet
He’s mastered emotions; temptation: he’s above it
So why does he want what he sees them with in public?

What does it mean to covet? What is the price of envy?
Why is it that competition is both expected and tempting?
He ponders this as he walks to the clerk at the store
Until a desperate gun is drawn and he’s lit up with four

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