From the culture of the afro, corn rows and jheri curls
And ‘hood anthems of black diamonds and pearls
Canine tendencies when courting the girls
Live the black experience, step into my world

Breathe, and watch as everything swirls
But try to keep yourself ’cause no one wants to see you hurl
Walk with the negro who’s too boring for girls
Live the B-Baz experience, step into my world

Take a walk in my new steps
New man, got something to prove, yes
Walking the crossroads, dodgin’ all the potholes
Checkin’ over my shoulder, watchin’ out for the block hoes

You stay down with one and the rest start to swarm you
Stuck in the middle with nobody to warn you
Warm you, no comfort or concern, just scorn you
The futile attempts at breaking out have torn you

See a bench, sit down, and kick up ya feet
Rap on the wood ’til you come up with a beat
Feel the souls of your ancestry
Fill you up as you drop bars drumming upon ya seat

This thunder is my release, now ride it out like a G
The Rainman’s coming throwing storms on the B’s
The P’s, the V’s, the sissies and the C’s
Now they rest in peace, ballad for the deceased

Girls come and go like summer- and winter-time
Frontin’ on every dime, can’t make up his f**kin’ mind
Then he loses out on all the good ones, left behind
He was skatin’ so well ’til he fell off his grind

Cold bastard, close caskets
The boyhood is gone, lost in the traffic
Picking up the crumbs from the picnic basket
The hero comes alive in this story, tragic

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