As he walked through the streets
Movin’ through the city,
Know he’s lookin’ to eat
Goin’ cheesesteak silly
He’s, shakin’ the ground with every step in his walk
His, breathin’ is heavy and he’s clutchin’ his heart
Lookin’ like the Incredible Hulk
A massive belt buckle holds back his belly, his bulk
I mean, he reminds you of a boat
But if you threw him in the Jordan I bet he wouldn’t float
Gobbles his dinner like a turkey, trying not to choke
But the health of this guy is certainly not a joke
Reminding people of a clogged artery
He’s a problem screaming, “Is nobody solving me?”
They say obesity is no laughing matter
But its hard when you see this guy always gettin fatter
Fat to the point where you can smell the grease in his vains
Fat to the point where every second twinky-less
Leaves him in pain
Fat to the point where if he jumps he could get stuck
Fat to the point where he uses his own rolls to fuck
This is gluttony at it’s meanest
Bet he hasnt consumed anything even close to greenish
Just look when he’s at the old country buffet; its fiendish
And I’m sure he would cry after seeing what he has become
Only if I could find tear glands under that lard
If he wasnt eating he’d send himself to kindom come
But instead he uses denial saying “Im big boned, large and in charge!”
He would stop with this nonsense if he could find a mirror…
Too bad they dont make any big enough.


Too bad he isn’t quick enough
Too bad that at each passing moment
He asks, “Am I thick enough?”
He knows his size is something everyone’s picking up
Razor in his hand, turns his flesh into chicken cuts

Nobody sticking up for him
And as the life’s pouring from his veins
He’s struggling getting up
Into the hands of Lucifer he’s falling
Dragged closer to the grave
With no one to lift him up

He’s tried the elliptical; he’s tried the treadmill
It hasn’t helped, so he has breakfast in bed still
No motivation to carry high his head
So when it’s all done and said
To his head he puts the lead; kill?

But we all know the bullet wont make i through
He’s just to husky, but never too full
A man so big hes rockin his own gravitational pull
You think my words are cruel?
Personally I don’t see it, but believe me
I know this world would be better with a label sayin “fat free”
And I see that its sad when a man can’t see himself pee
If he took a minute to think
Maybe he wouldn’t be so fast to hit up Wendy’s
Why not go to the doctor if you know you’re heavy
Sit that bigass down, bouncin that chevy
I know it is your choice to be greedy
But in the end it’s just making you more needy
You gotta know it is bad when you shake the ground
When you step on a scale and it says
“exceeds maximum pounds”
Too bad that when it consumes you, its impossible to go back
It’ll be with you for the end, feeding you and that heart attack
Then one day you’ll notice how long its been since you seen ya gat
It might take you then to realize that its more than just getting fat
You sacrificed yourself to personal desire
Selfish actions only fed the fire
Now with every following step you tire
Till the day that you finally drop
The day the green makes your heart stop.
Such is the price of gluttony.

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