From the Realm of Light
I’m back, the master
The beast word-player
A Glorious Basterd

The smiles have returned
and the land of the light
and the happy and the joyful
and the cheerful and the kind
and the honest and the humble
and the chaste and the loving
has returned

I hold you, I told you
I mold you and scold you
and still you wish to act wild?
Well I guess it’s time to
Crack out the belt
and discipline you
something like a
bad child.

Nowadays, everybody wants to wild out.
The freshman lack respect for the sophomores
and the sophomores the juniors
and the juniors the seniors
and the seniors everybody.

And when the kids stop respecting each other
they turn to disrespect the teachers
and their parents
and their loved ones…
Oh, where IS the love in that?

You see, if time equals money
And time equals women
or the opposite sex
And the opposite sex leads to love, usually
Then love leads back to money
and should be saved
Like the bank rolls of the greedy
The needy, and the speedy
Wealthy spenders.

So before YOUR love
Is wrecked like your car
In a “fender-bender”
You must realize that
Whether physical or monetary
Somehwhere in this world
Love’s in need.

“Heal the world.”

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