I can see it in your eyes
You’re reaching for something
Something unattainable on the ground
but that you can grasp from the sky.

You wish to find that thing
And hold on tight
Hoping that it doesn’t leave you
As you journey day and night

The crossroads of destiny
The journey’s upon you
These are the times that try men’s souls
The blessing of pain
And curse of love
And the storms of death
That rage above
The darkness and light battle for control
Over everything
and later we are left with nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing…

Tell me, why is it that every time I’m happy
Something comes around
To rip that happiness from its socket
and shove it back down my throat?

Then you see me fight
With all my might
Moving through the dark, the balance, the light
The calm and the strife
The day and the night
The hate and the like
And expect me to choke?

So here we are, stuck in a standoff
Two gunmen waiting for the other
To show why they should be called
And which one will die the death of a sucker
in the local newspaper.

I can tell you this, however:
I will forever endure the pain
The hurt, the grief, the suffering,
The love, the kindness, the healing
and the apathy

And walk the path of the in-between.
Apathy is death?
No, apathy is strength.
Word is bond.

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