With the world going into another decade
We continue to witness the Middle Eastern crusade
The relgious warfare of our friends, the Israelis
They fight against the Palestinians, sending them to their graves

Cell phone bombs, assault rifle clips
Military checkpoints, nukes and hollowtips
Everyone says the bad guys are the Palestinians
But overlook the fact that we back the Israeli government

Palestinians have terrorists that fail so hard
The Israelis take ‘em out and leave the country so scarred
Look at the devastation that has taken place so far
The golf game is lopsided, conflict has no par

Think about it: if the history is included in religious texts
from whence we get our information
Why is it that after all the violence and segragation
The traded blows and the degradation
All the strife, nobody can decide who should stay in the nation?

If you ask me, a lot of them are fakin’
The kids want to be friends, the parents say they’re mistaken
Generations of hatred, there is no speculation
Milennia old conflict, can we really save ’em?

I can’t really blame ’em, they’re bred to hate each other
Fed lies and blasphemies from their fathers and mothers
Somewhere mixed in with all the animosity is truth
Newer generations work toward it, but are they gettin’ through?

All in all, only time will tell
Whether or not they’re destined for peace or Hell
Shout out to the afflicted in the streets or a cell
Out out in lil’ ol’ Israel

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