I am the killer and victim, life continually celebrated
Repenting my sins to the betrayed and the devastated
And even though my status has yet to be elevated
I’ll do it better than anybody that’s ever made it

I am the weak and the strong, I am the young and the grown
I am the farmer and the seeds to be sown
I am the sun in the day and at night I am the moon when it glows
I am the music in your ear and the film at the picture show

I am the winner of the match, no contest
I am that which cannot be grasped, new concept
I am the conqueror and I am the conquest
And I am the joke that has been taken out of context

I am the ant and I am the whole earth
I am the intercourse and I am the childbirth
I am the Creation and I am the Rapture
I am the demons in your heart you try to capture

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