Squad up, squad up, reppin for the team
Everybody’s eyes steadily becoming green
New beginnings, new hope, new dreams
New sins, yo Greed, remember me?
I’m the bull who likes the girls with the double d’s
Short fuse for the ignorant, don’t trouble me
Can’t hit what the eye doesn’t see
Know I float like a butterfly and sting like a bumblebee
We in the building like MJ with Billie Jean
And gon’ blow up; Death Star, Billy Dee
Beantown nigga reppin for my Philly team
Tell me what it is you know about Biddy B?

Squad up, squad up like the Navy SEALs
You pussies softer than the skin on a baby feels
Just ask the ladies in the club if they appeal
I bet they all laugh and tell ‘em all that they ain’t real…
False claimin’ that they hardcore
Everybody know that they ’bout as real as Star Wars
Meanwhile da squad gets it hoppin like parkour
We the fire spitters, homie, learn to set the bar more
Mead notebook, papermate blue pen
Is all I need to do all of you tools in
Fake niggaz really thinkin’ that they cool, when?
I’ll just consider y’all a denizen of fools, then
The world falls upon our shoulders
Next generation of the world’s best soldiers
Squad leveled up, confidence is bolstered
Smokin like a gun that’s out the holster, BOOM!

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