As I peer through the smoke in the air
I wonder to myself, what does it all mean?
Why is it that the rule of cool
And the self destructive often go hand-in-hand?
Why is it that wicked win more often than the good?
Why do the good guys get heartbroken and turn cold
Because so many decent women are too stupid to realize
That what they have been waiting for was looking them in face
Since like second grade?
Why can’t they just make up their minds?
Why can’t the truly worthy get what they want,
and so instead they’re forced to settle for the scraps or whatever is left,
even if it’s nothing at all?
Why is it that no one can see, with their omniscience, that we are all idiots?
People inhale fire and consume flammable liquids,
screw random people for the hell of it,
and no one tends to bat an eye.
After all, it’s not strange if everyone is doing it, right?
But when you happen to be the exception,
or you come across someone who is,
it’s as if they are the Rapture and Jesus is coming back,
people worry for their lives as if they aren’t already tightening the nooses around their own necks.
The fumes of alcohol surround me as I walk back to my dorm,
the smoke in the air from the cigarettes or the blunts that have been rolled.
I look into the stars and simply ask why?
Will He ever enlighten us, or will we never prove worthy?
The thoughts of The Chocolate Scholar……

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