Dear Diary,
I know it isn’t normal
For men to be doing this
But I need to vent.
I worry day in and day out
And if you were to ask, “What about?”
I would tell you my response:
I worry for the pain and the hatred in the world
I worry for the good guys gettin shunned by the girls
I worry for the girls getting used by the guys
I worry for the days when there’s no blue in the sky
But most of all, I worry that when the time comes
For me to step up and do my part in the world
I will fail. I will fail so miserably that I will never
be able to show my face again.
I already worry that I have no reason for a girl;
See I have nothing to offer, I’m not their type.
See I’m just a guy who puts himself out too much.
And when I get too close I zone out too much.
I’m a guy who loves hard and I stress too much
And when I get too friendly I expect too much
I guess, it’s just that I’m too much of many things
Too much of one thing and too much of everything
I don’t seem to know where I belong
Existential issues to the the max, word is bond
But, see, Diary, you understand me
And when it’s all said and done you can stand me
I may not be as hot as those in Miami
But we do have our fun times, eh diary?
I worry about Father Time
And the day when the sand in his hourglass
Ceases to fall, the final grain touching the beige ocean
The time could be whenever
And my color could often be the cause
Despite this diverse world in which we live
Some still have unconscious thoughts
Upon which they act….
I worry about everything
And I worry about nothing
Some say I’m bluffing
But I don’t care about them
I only care for those who show me
The same affection
Which is why I have you, dear Diary.
Yet I fear my happiness
My confidence
My “swagger”
Have run their course
And I’ve returned to the same
Child from middle school
I’ll figure it out eventually
And thank you for listening
Dear Diary
Lord Dark Chocolate

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