What power it holds
That it can run such an intricate machine forever
For 60+ years, or whenever the machine decides to break
Whether it be due to old age or immense stress
What power it holds, the heart
It is the strongest and weakest muscle in the body
Strong in the sense that it works the hardest
Yet weak in that it can be destroyed by three simple words:
“I love another”
It can be sent racing by three more words:
“I love you”
“I love you”
“I love you”
The words – the feelings – of love
The acceptance
The welcome
The warm embrace
The connection formed
Connection forged
A nigh-unbreakable chain of attachment
When we love
We can sense the anxieties of our loved ones
We can feel their pain when they are sad
The weight of their despair presses on our hearts
Heavier it feels
Until it feels that you two suffer together
Make no mistake
When you truly love
You shoulder the feelings
The happiness, the joy, the bliss, the glee
The pain, the sadness, the burdens of grief
The hope and the dreams
The determination and even the lazy days
You share it all
Your lives are intertwined
In a way that makes choirs of angels sing
Angelic trumpets roar
And the light of her smile illuminates his darkness
While the fire in his heart helps her escape her own
You are connected
And shall forever be a part of each other’s lives
“‘Til death do us part”
And even after
For the Angel of Death
Cannot extinguish the flames of true love

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